Cridalon® made in France lenses, the finest optics for the goggles

Filtering properties
Cridalon® lenses absorb 100 % of ultraviolet light. This material provides powerful protection against the harmful effects of all types of solar radiation. compliant with EN1836, ANSI Z80.3 , AS/NZS 1067 standards

Optical properties
Cridalon® lenses are completely plano, a property that ensures a total absence of spherical power, prismatic aberration and astigmatism. The properties of Cridalon® and high-quality surfacing ensure high definition and,
because of perfect binocular balance, provide wearers with optimum comfort and no distortion. All Cridalon® lenses are class 1 optical quality.

Shock resistance
Lens impact strength is an important point: the effects of a cut on the eye surface are often very serious. Cridalon® lenses have exceptional strength and resilience.

They can survived the impact of a steel ball bearing at 160km/hr without shattering or even cracking. They will not even break when a 500 gram sharp ended weight is dropped on them.

Long life
your goggles will last. Lenses are unbreakable and very scratch resistant.
Cridalon® lenses have a polysiloxane coating that is heat-hardened at 120°C to give the lenses incredibly high resistance to scratching and abrasion.