atomefabrik goggles are uniquely made on order only. Each frame is machined with a lathe and milled out of a solid billet of metal
( ). when it takes only a few seconds to inject plastic goggles or to press a tin sheet, mine will require several hours of manufacturing and many steps for an uncompromising result: lightness, sturdiness,durability and unique aesthetic.
-Aluminium and brass are the most common materials I work with. Frames can be made of stainless steel or titanium upon request
-the frame is designed with 2 dome shaped rims and 2 curved and perforated temples, connected with either a nose bridge or a leather nose strap. They are both fully adjustable in length for a durable and reliable set up.

- the lining is cut from a leather skin, sewed and assembled with the metalic parts
- the lenses are made in France, then machined for a perfect fit with the rims, secured in the frame with stainless steel bolts. The high optical and physical properties of the lenses make them suitable for any outdoor activities.

My goggles are fully serviceable and it is a part of my activity too. The lenses can be easily changed when damaged. The goggles are designed to last a life time and they will survive you. All the components ar recycleable or reusable.